How to put a website Online  ?

How to put a website Online ?

#Blog-5: Hello everyone stay tune, in this articles i 'll walk you through general procedure to put a website from local system to online.

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Table of contents

  • 1. Domain Registration:
  • 2. Hosting
  • 3. Connect Domain Name with hosting Server or Provider
  • 4. Security

1. Domain Registration:

  • first you need to buy a domain name Example: for your website from google domains/ go daddy /Namecheap / .tech domains or any other domain registrar.


  • the question is where are the our website stay or live actually ?? where we have to put all html css and other files?

so for that we need to store it somewhere . but where ?

it can be our computer as well but the problem is that our website need to be upto-date and alive 24/7. & we have to manually set & mantain security and others essential stuff to stay it online.

so better way to handle it by use others computers known as servers specifically web servers. now next step is to host(store) our website.

2. Hosting

Now we need a place where our website can live.

there are tons of hosting providers that they give us shared server/virtual private server/ dedicated servers of thier server computers that are located on the data centers across the world.

i would like to grab your attention at very crucial thing, there are generally 2 types of hosting provider out there.


  1. managed hosting(shared) provider: -- all the security and and other essential stuff will be handle by them, we need to no worry at all about it. some are hostinger/ blue host/ siteground etc. best for blogers or bussiness persons.




  1. cloud hosting provider: -- provider just gives us a bare virtual system, all the thing we have to manage by ourself. some are digital ocean/ Linode/ aws/ google cloud etc. best for software developers who want to explore the server management.


according your needs. must to purchase any one hosting service.

  • how to host your website on that purchased server? , you can refer offical documents.

3. Connect Domain Name with hosting Server or Provider

to understand it very clearly, i would explain how actually things happen when we search a domain in browser.

as soon as we type and hit enter then your computer uses DNS to find Nameservers for,

then the computer finds's public nameservers then computer ask for the A Record or address from name server, then the public name server will respond with the IP address of your server where the site exist.

so by this process we can understand some imp steps:

  1. we need to set the name servers of the hosting provider to our domain registrar.
  2. A record must be setup to get the IP Address of our server, apart from this we can set alias for our domain. popular alias for each website is WWW can save in Cname Record. there are other as well you can refer official documents.

DNS Setting will take 24-48 hrs to reflect changes.

Now the last but very important step,

4. Security

https://....... this is recomended by google itself so Adding a SSL/TSL certification from either hosting provider or lets encrypt via certbot.

so congrats your website is live online now!

✨thats all from my side thank you.

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